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IRIX soname and library versioning

From: David Kaelbling
Subject: IRIX soname and library versioning
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 15:38:46 -0400

libtool 1.4 builds IRIX shared libraries in a slightly unusual way.  It
creates "libfoo.so.$major.$minor" with soname "libfoo.so.$major" and
internal version "sgi$major.$minor".  That will work, but defeats the
IRIX shared library versioning mechanism described in the dso man page. 
The recommended method is to install as "libfoo.so.$major", with soname
"libfoo.so" and internal version "sgi$major.$minor".

I believe this is what everything does on IRIX: the soname is the first
thing rld looks for.  If it finds a library with that name (even as a
symlink to libfoo.so.X), it checks to see if its internal version is
compatible with what's required.  If not, it will append ".$major" to
the soname and try again.

So libtool's current scheme works, but is somewhat non-standard.


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