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Linking C++ DLLs ...

From: David Snopek
Subject: Linking C++ DLLs ...
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 11:40:15 -0500
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Alright, I have another weird libtool bug for you guys. I am cross-compiling (from linux) a C++ library with mingw using libtool version 1.4.2 along with autoconf and automake. At the linking stage, the libtool command is properly generated using $CXXLD as the linker so that libstdc++ is linked implicitly. It looks something like:

libtool --mode=link i386-mingw32msvc-g++ ...etc...

But the actual linking command uses i386-mingw32msvc-gcc and is unable to build the DLL because libstdc++ is not linked. I have traced this to the value of archive_expsym_cmds which uses $CC for the compile command. Since CC is set to the C compiler we have a problem. I can't use -lstdc++ explicitly because libtool will refuse to link a static archive into a DLL (and rightfully so!).

My temporary solution was to copy libtool.m4 into acinclude.m4 and change lines 1359 to 1363 from $CC to $nonopt. I can't implement a real fix since I don't understand the overall design of libtool very well (thats what you guys are for! :-). But CC needs to changed to the value of nonopt at the beginning of the linking stage accross all platforms, because I am sure that others are affected as well. Not to mention that other languages have specific libraries that need to be implicitly linked.

        -- David Snopek

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