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Bug in postprocessing of exported symbols from dlltool

From: Fritz Elfert
Subject: Bug in postprocessing of exported symbols from dlltool
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 11:19:36 +0200


I recently started converting a software package which should build on
Unix(Linux) as well a on Windows(cygwin, mingw) to automake/autoconf/libtool.
During that process i stumbled over the following bug in libtool (actually 

When generating a dll on windows, dlltool is used to generate a list of
exported symbols. This list is then post processed by libtool. The post 
processing, however produces syntactically wrong symbol lists, _if_ dlltool's
--add-stdcall-alias is used.

If --add-stdcall-alias is specified, dlltool generates something like this
for an exported stdcall function:

  MyFunction = address@hidden

The shell variable archive_expsym_cmds in libtool contains the relevant 
commands for stripping off comments etc. These commands however handle the 
above case incorrectly, leading to an output like this:

  MyFunction = @ 10 ;
  address@hidden @ 11 ;

The correct behavior would be passing thru the alias definition as-is.
Attached is a patch against libtool-1.4 (actually RedHat's RPM libtool-1.4-8)
which fixes this bug. I verified the relevant file via webcvs just to make 
shure the bug isn't fixed already.

Fritz Elfert <address@hidden>               Thinking Objects Software GmbH
Lilienthalstr. 2                                  Phone: +49 711 88770 400
70825 Stuttgart                                     FAX: +49 711 88770 449

Attachment: libtool.m4-dlltool.patch.gz
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