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Re: Word too long...

From: Boehne, Robert
Subject: Re: Word too long...
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 09:31:13 -0500


Commands can only be as long as allowed by the system, in your
case the command that libtool is creating internally is too
long to be executed.  In 1.4.x this is probably due to multiple
repetitions of libraries added to the link line.  The reason
Libtool adds all these libraries is that when static libs
are used the dependencies have to be in the proper order,
and libtool preserves all these because it doesn't know if
it needs them or not.  These issues have been fixed in CVS
libtool, also in the latest alpha release.  The "fix" was to
add a specific flag to Libtool's link line when dependencies
need to be preserved.  Most of the time they do not, so we
remove duplicate libraries (i.e. "-lgcc") by default.
  As far as your other question, "What does this tool do anyway other
then add unneeded
complexity to things?", well, Libtool is the one and only
practical way to build shared libraries on virtually any
system, which you personally may not care about because
you only have an X86 Linux box.  If that is the case, go ahead
and rewrite your Makefiles to call ld/$CC directly and
then do it again every time your OS or compiler changes. :)
  In general we hear this complaint a lot, but I think it
is mainly that the people who have problems using it don't
understand Libtool's mission, which is difficult at best.



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