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(no subject)

From: info.windowsdev
Subject: (no subject)
Date: lun., 27 mai 2002 20:50:19 +2000

Epsilon Technologies Inc. 1200, Blvd. Chomedey Suite 105 Laval, Quebec H7V 3Z3 Canada

The easiest way to produce customized documents

  • Xpertdoc Studio is a reporting tool that allows you to create Microsoft Word customized documents
  • Our template designer is fully integrated with Microsoft Word
  • _vbscript_ is the Language we use to define fields in the templates
  • Our ActiveX production engine is designed for speed and simple integration with your applications
  • Because Xpertdoc Studio is based on standard technology, you will not waste time learning a new designenvironment or a new programming language!

Say goodbye to your mail-merge problems!

  • Combines the flexibility of word processor with the reliability of a report generator
  • Always reliable, even when the number of document to produce is large

It is much more than just mail-merge...

  • Merge any number of fields in your documents
  • Customize the content of the documents based on conditions and loops written in _vbscript_

Easily access all your data...

  • Databases through Jet Engine (DAO), ODBC (RDO) or OLE-DB ADO
  • ASCII or XML files
  • Any other custom data sources

Simple to integrate

  • Get going with as few as six lines of code!
  • Xpertdoc Studio can be integrated in any programming environment that supports the use of ActiveX components such as:
    • Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual C++
    • Microsoft ASP
    • Borland Delphi and Borland C++ Builder

No limits!

Once equipped with Xpertdoc Studio, you will be able to push the limits of volume, complexity, performance and data-source access.

Free download and more information available at

Epsilon Technologies Inc. 1200, Blvd. Chomedey Suite 105
Laval, Quebec H7V 3Z3 Canada

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