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libtool 1.4.3 is distributed with files generated by old 'autoconf'/'aut

From: Brian Tolley
Subject: libtool 1.4.3 is distributed with files generated by old 'autoconf'/'automake'
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 13:32:42 -0000

libtool 1.4.3 has a 'configure' file generated by an old Autoconf (eg. does
not support '-C' cache option) and variables cannot be passed on
command-line in the modern way. That is you cannot do:

./configure CC=cc

instead the deprecated Autoconf way must be used:

CC=cc ./configure

This seems to be a fault with only the tar ball distribution as these files
are not stored in the CVS repository. Therefore it seems to occur because
the distribution was generated using the 'bootstrap' shell script using an
old version of 'autoconf'/'automake'.

Also the 'INSTALL' file (and possibly others) and 'missing' are from old
Autoconf versions. Specifically the 'INSTALL' file contains the old way of
passing variables to 'configure'.

The above problems also apply to the files in the 'libltdl' directory.

Another problem is that I cannot specify a different C compiler (using
either the old or new form) - this is again fixed by regenerating files
using a more recent Autoconf and Automake.

One solution is to delete the old files that are out-of-date and using a
recent Autoconf and Automake regenerate them (eg. run 'aclocal' then
'autoconf' and then 'automake -a') in the two directories - or use
'autoreconf --install'. I have tried it and it works perfectly on Solaris
2.6 (Autoconf 2.56 and Automake 1.7.1).

B. Tolley

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