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Add support for BSD/OS 5.0 to libtool

From: Chris Ross
Subject: Add support for BSD/OS 5.0 to libtool
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 22:17:06 -0500
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  Hi.  BSD/OS should soon be releasing BSD/OS 5.0.  (I'm not sure
what product name they're going to be using for it, but the OS
underneath is BSD/OS 5.0, at least.)  I have a beta version of it,
and the necessary changes were needed to get libtool to work
properly.  Please make these changes in the tree.  I've sent
patches against both the cvs HEAD, and the branch-1-4 branch.

  I changed the config.guess to name the os "bsdos" rather than
"bsdi".  BSDi was the company formerly responsible for BSD/OS.
The product name has been BSD/OS since 1995.  Only the company
was named BSDi.  And, as BSD/OS and the team behind it were
purchased by Wind River Systems, even this is no longer true.
It seems unneccessary history to still use "bsdi" to name the
OS in the config.guess output.

  Thank you.  Patches attached.  Please email me if you have
any issues or questions.

                            - Chris

Chris Ross

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