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AFS can't have hard links between directories

From: Mårten Svantesson
Subject: AFS can't have hard links between directories
Date: 26 Dec 2002 07:06:00 +0100
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Line 603 of ltmain.in in the current CVS looks like this:

      until $run ln "$0" "$lockfile" 2>/dev/null; do

The problem is that "$0" and "$lockfile" usually are paths to files in
different directories and you can't make hard links between
directories in AFS. This results in a that you get stuck in getting
lines like:

Waiting for arc.o.lock to be removed

A patch is attached to this mail.

                - Mårten
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Attachment: ltmain.in.diff
Description: Patch to fix locking problem on AFS

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