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Re: libtoolize --ltdl copies old version of configure script

From: Brent Goodrick
Subject: Re: libtoolize --ltdl copies old version of configure script
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 20:17:21 -0800

>> Or, is it that you mean that is is incorrect for libtool m4 code to
>> use "AC_PROVIDE_" inside a macro name because that is an
>> implementation detail of old autoconf's, namely autoconf-2.13?

Raphaël> The latter.  AC_PROVIDE(X) does not  define()'s  AC_PROVIDE_X any more
Raphaël> with autoconf 2.5x.

Ok, thats what I was afraid of.  "AC_PREREQ(2.13)" is referenced
several places over the libtool-1.4.3 code.  I'm now thinking this
isn't a libtool bug necessarily, but a change made by autoconf that
made new ./configure scripts not operate with old ./configure scripts.
Specifically, the new ./configure scripts (generated by newer
autoconfs) cannot call old ./configure scripts with VAR=VALUE

Do you believe that is what is really happening here?  Then, I should
submit the bug to the autoconf bug list.


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