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Re: library relinking problem

From: R.I.P. Deaddog
Subject: Re: library relinking problem
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 09:12:29 +0800

On 2003-01-15(Wed) 15:59:15 -0800, David Bustos wrote:
> and indeed installation succeeded.  So, is pango doing something wrong?
> If not, how can libtool be fixed to use the installation directory
> rather than the destination directory?

This has been a persisting problem since libtool 1.4, and all (yes, all)
software that install libraries are affected. Ossama has committed a
patch during November, so you will not see it if you use CVS libtool

However, I need to ask everybody a question too. It seems that this patch
is not perfect; it doesn't put $inst_prefix_dir as the *first* -L flag,
so one may possibly still pick up libraries in standard locations
(say /usr/lib). This is observed when I compile ImageMagick. Using CVS
libtool, or even backporting the patch to 1.4.3 doesn't help.

Is it correct to FORCEFULLY put $inst_prefix_dir in the first place, so
that those libraries placed in staging area are always searched first?

> Second, is libtool returning an error code?  If so, why does make
> continue anyway?

Abel Cheung
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