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Re: libtool's locking is wrong

From: Mårten Svantesson
Subject: Re: libtool's locking is wrong
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 17:13:03 +0100
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Pavel Cahyna <address@hidden> writes:

> libtool contains this:
>     # Lock this critical section if it is needed
>     # We use this script file to make the link, it avoids creating a new file
>     if test "$need_locks" = yes; then
>       until $run ln "$0" "$lockfile" 2>/dev/null; do
>         $show "Waiting for $lockfile to be removed"
>         sleep 2
>       done
> The ln command fails if the libtool script itself
> and the working directory are on different filesystems.

In AFS you can never make hard links between directories, so the
problem is even bigger there.

> This can be seen only if configure determines that cc doesn't support -c
> -o file:
> checking if cc supports -c -o file.o... no
> This can't happen with gcc. It happened on IRIX, using SGI's MIPSpro
> compiler, while compiling gettext-lib from NetBSD's packages collection.

Well, I got the problem when building dia with gcc. (On Solaris, with
version 2.95.3 I believe.) I sent a bugfix a while ago, but soon
sent another mail reverting it when realised it was no good. (It
worked for me, but it didn't cover all cases.)

                - Mårten
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