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gdk-pixbuf-0.22.0 fails to link with libtool

From: Dyre Tjeldvoll
Subject: gdk-pixbuf-0.22.0 fails to link with libtool
Date: 10 Mar 2003 20:49:09 +0100
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I'm not sure that this is a libtool bug, but making the following
changes to the ltmain.sh script made it work:

address@hidden/local/src/gdk-pixbuf-0.22.0$ diff ltmain.sh
<         for searchdir in $newlib_search_path $lib_search_path
$shlib_search_path $sys_lib_search_path; do
>         for searchdir in $newlib_search_path $lib_search_path
$sys_lib_search_path $shlib_search_path; do

Basically the problem is that the order in which the search paths are
scanned causes gdk-pixbuf to try to link with same lib from two
different locations.

I have no idea whether my change would break other things...

For more info, check out the gdk-pixbuf bug I opened:


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