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Re: [PATCH] fix for Darwin shared library support

From: Peter O'Gorman
Subject: Re: [PATCH] fix for Darwin shared library support
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 07:53:29 +0900
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Joe Orton wrote:

Christian Schaffner tracked down a bug where libtool HEAD fails
to detect shared library support in the linker on Darwin.

This occurs in a configure script using AC_LIBTOOL_TAGS([]), because
AC_LIBTOOL_PROG_LD_SHLIBS is using $GXX not $GCC, but $GXX is not set.
The fix Christian wrote is below.

Ah! That makes more sense. When Christian asked me what was going on, I assumed someone had been editing the libtool script by hand :)

Index: m4/libtool.m4
RCS file: /cvsroot/libtool/libtool/m4/libtool.m4,v
retrieving revision 1.8
diff -u -r1.8 libtool.m4
--- m4/libtool.m4       21 Oct 2003 15:03:56 -0000      1.8
+++ m4/libtool.m4       28 Oct 2003 16:46:41 -0000
@@ -5482,7 +5482,7 @@
darwin* | rhapsody*)
-    if test "$GXX" = yes ; then
+    if test "$GCC" = yes ; then
       _LT_AC_TAGVAR(archive_cmds_need_lc, $1)=no
       case "$host_os" in
       rhapsody* | darwin1.[[012]])

This is probably correct, but I'll look into it a little more now that I know what is going on.

Peter O'Gorman - http://www.pogma.com

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