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US Stock Market: PFDE - Last Picks .45 to 1.18....74 to 1.20...eurydice

From: Ruben Rhodes
Subject: US Stock Market: PFDE - Last Picks .45 to 1.18....74 to 1.20...eurydice
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 06:42:07 -0200

UPSIDE INTERNATIONAL - Searching Out Stocks with Big Upside Potential...that 
have gone unnoticed until now.

UpSide International uncovers unusual trends and activity in stocks.  We look 
for signs of block trades and insider purchasing in order to uncover insight 
into uncommon trends.

Seven weeks ago, on Sept. 4th, we highlighted SUQU at 0.57. We set the target 
price at 1.20.  It hit a high of 1.18--we were very close. Our last pick was 
TRHL at 0.74 on Oct. 3rd.  Target was 1.13.  It hit 1.20.

Our focus now is on Paramco Financial: PFDE

New trading range (as of 10/28/03): Target -- 2.36.

Yesterday, a Long White Candlestick formed, and pressure was strong. The stock 
is in position for a higher high and a higher low. Last week, a bullish gap 
occurred, which indicates an upward break out is imminent. The volume is very 
high. Also,  PFDE just started an unusual trading pattern.  Large blocks of 
shares are being bought.  Is this an indication of something? Are large 
investors picking up PFDE, an institution, what's coming?

We have been seeing indicators with PFDE, the 20 - 50 Day MACD Oscillator is 
now indicating an uptrend, 20 Day Bollinger Bands have moved into an upgrade 

Paramco Financial, founded in 1996, is a financial services holding company 
which specializes in the development and placement of commercial equipment 
leasing transactions and in assisting its clients with their capital formation 

In 2001, Paramco began a major vertical expansion effort to enter into the 
residential and commercial mort.gage industry, the mort.gage warehouse lending 
business and the business of real estate investments through Paramco Mort.gage 
Corporation and Paramco Investments, Inc.

Paramco Financial Acquires Royal Federal - a company in highly profitable 
sector of mort.gage industry.

DENVER - (PRIMEZONE) -- Paramco Financial, Inc. (OTC BB:PFDE.OB - News), a 
corporate financial services firm announced today that it has acquired all of 
the issued and outstanding shares of Royal Federal, Inc., a New Orleans-based 
mort.gage company.

According to Douglas G. Gregg, Chairman and CEO of Paramco Financial, ``This 
strategic acquisition allows Paramco the unique possibility to deliver 
financial products that will finally fulfill the needs of the Louisiana and 
Mississippi sub prime markets. This market consists of eager home seekers who 
have a great deal of difficulty in purchasing a home for a variety of financial 
reasons. Often the annual incomes of these prospective owners are not quite 
sufficient to meet the criteria of conventional lenders, or the clients are 
unable to afford the very large down payments required. Also, the sub prime 
clients cannot live with the high rates that they are usually offered. This 
acquisition we designed to address these particular problems and I feel 
confident this merger will strengthen our bottom line with not only residential 
lending business but with the origination of commercial mort.gages and other 
types of client financing.''

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