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possible problem in libtool

From: Warren L Dodge
Subject: possible problem in libtool
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 08:58:58 -0800 (PST)

I am building many of the gnu tools. I have a non-standard disk layout at our
site. Because of this I have done a couple things to make that work. I added


configuration switch when I built gcc so it would look in a tree where I
store libraries seperately from the gnu tree.

This switch did not function properly as far as I can tell. It seems to find
include files properly but when linking it fails to find the library files. I
submitted a bug report on this.

So to compensate for this I added -L/proj/wdt/i686_linux2.4 to the end of the
*link: line in the "specs" file for gcc. With this, gcc now works properly in
finding the libs.

But when libtool is used to do the linking, gcc doesn't find the libraries. 

My thought is that libtool didn't figure out that the specs entry was changed
and/or it didn't see the local prefix switch value and add the additional
search path to the libtool configuration.

This is the installed libtools version.
ltmain.sh (GNU libtool) 1.5 (1.1220 2003/04/05 19:32:58)

But some of the packages use their own libtool so it is hard to tell the
various versions being used.

I look forward to some enlightening words on this. Thanks.

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