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Please Read This E-Mail - From The Church of St. George!

From: The Church Project
Subject: Please Read This E-Mail - From The Church of St. George!
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 03:20:48 +0200

Please Do Not Delete This E-mail, Read It and Then Decide!

The Church Project



We are a small non profit, volunteer based organization, trying to help the Church and Community. Now we are rising funds for the building of a Shelter for Homeless People and a Canteen for feeding the Homeless and Poor in our Community. We are primarily sponsored by Non government organizations and good hearted people that share a small amount of money or give useless for them, but useful for us, items, which can be used in the new canteen.

Now our fundraising campaign is based on two things - the usual - Donations and the Selling of The Bible E-Book - Computer version of the Original Translation of the Holly Bible made from King James in the year 1611. The original text was retyped and converted into Adobe PDF computer book.

We are trying to sell as much as we can because all the money raised from the sales are going for the financing of the "Feed The Homeless and Poor People" project. In that way, we want to maximize the income in order to be capable of realizing this project and bring little bit more joy in the hard life of our poor brothers and sisters out there.

The "Feed the Homeless and Poor People" is organized by "The Church of St. George". We we invited to help our church in this act of generosity, after the government denied the budget of this project. Practically the government tolled us that it is not their problem and we have to find the funds yourself. Because of This NOW we are asking you to help us in this humanitarian mission and make a donation for our project as much as you can. Even the little will be appreciated, and all hungry poor people will be very grateful for your act of generosity.

The Church of St. George asks all people to show some generosity and give something to help this project come true.

Please think about the Homeless People outside of your home, staying in the cold, hungry, dirty, having nobody to share this wonderful Christian Holidays. The Church of St. George asks you all to help those people however you can. Donate some money for the building of the Homeless Shelter or The Canteen. All this is going to be appreciated.

Even if you are not capable of giving us something, please be more generous to the poor and homeless outside of your home. Give them something to eat, some old warm cloth, they will be very happy receive anything. Please remember the words of God, saying that we should be nice to the people, to receive the same.

Please buy this book, and the money earned from it's sales will be donated to that project. You don't have anything to loose. Either ways, you will recieve one of the best (to me) versions of The Holly Bible.

Click Here to Enter Our Website and give your Donation or Buy Our Book

And God said: "Give To the Poor, And You Shall Be Given!"

Please visit our web site for more details about our projects.

If you don't want to receive this mail again, please reply with subject "REMOVE", but If you believe in our cause, please forward this e-mail to everybody you know. God is loves you, whoever you are and whatever you do.

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