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Please reply to confirm:1094670124.1224_112281.navsta message and allow

From: Friends system
Subject: Please reply to confirm:1094670124.1224_112281.navsta message and allow delivery
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 12:02:04 -0700

This message was automatically generated for Murray <address@hidden>:

The email system that we are using only accept emails from email addresses on 
personalized 'Lists of Friends' and you are not currently included on my 'List 
of Friends'.  Your ommission from the list is probably due to an oversight on 
my part. 

We have added this new mechanism to reduce the amount of unwanted email by 
attempting to verify that the sender is a human. In the meantime, we are 
regularly adding new addresses to the 'List of Friends'

If you know that I would really want to hear from you:
Please reply to this message without changing the subject line, or even adding 
any text. I will then receive your email and be able to add you to my 'List of 
Friends' so that, hopefully*, you will not be bothered by this automated reply 
again, and I will receive your all your emails in the future. 

* If you have multiple email addresses that you would like me to add to my 
'List of Friends', then please send me an email from each account.


Murray <address@hidden>

For more information see http://netwinsite.com/surgemail/friends.htm

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