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From: grantpetty . autoresponder
Subject: grantpetty
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 19:06:22 -0500


Thanks for your email, and due to the huge volume of email I am receiving, I 
can no longer check this account and will not receive your message. 

Please redirect your email to one of the following addresses.

For sales questions:

* North & South America <address@hidden>.
* Europe <address@hidden>.
* Japan <address@hidden>.
* SE Asia and Middle East <address@hidden>.
* Australia and New Zealand <address@hidden>.
* All other regions <address@hidden>.

For marketing related questions, please contact Simon <address@hidden>.

For questions relating to development, please join the Blackmagic Developer 
Mailing List at
<http://lists.blackmagic-design.com/mailman/listinfo/bmd-developer> or contact 
James <address@hidden>.

For support related questions, please contact <address@hidden>.


Grant Petty
Blackmagic Design

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