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sh.test failed

From: Brant Gurganus
Subject: sh.test failed
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 00:29:36 -0500
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The sh.test failed on Gentoo Linux. Here is that test's output running it manually outside of Gentoo's sandbox:

=== Running sh.test
133:          test $i != 17 # 1/2 MB should be enough
use `test "$..."' instead of `test $'
5199: eval mynewdependency_lib="`echo "$libdir/$name" |sed -e "s:$D::g" -e 's://:/:g'`" 5205: if test -z "`echo $newdependency_libs |grep -e "$mynewdependency_lib"`"; then 5218: if test -n "`echo $deplib |grep -e "$S"`" && test "$S"; then 5221: elif test -n "`echo $deplib |grep -e "$D"`" && test "$D"; then5222: eval mynewdependency_lib="`echo "$deplib" |sed -e "s:$D::g" -e 's://:/:g'`" 5231: if test -z "`echo $newdependency_libs |grep -e "$mynewdependency_lib"`"; then 5289: install_libdir="`echo "$install_libdir" |sed -e "s:$D::g" -e 's://:/:g'`"
nested quotes are dangerous

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