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From: Mr Tayus Charles
Subject: Assistance
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 18:42:42

  From the Desk of: Mr. Tayus Charles
Head of Foreign Operation
Development Bank of Seychelles
Independence Avenue,
P. O. Box 217, Victoria


Dear Future Partner,
Compliment of the day, It is my intention to have this proposal addressed to
you via email which will be treated with utmost secrecy for protection of my
I am the Head of Foreign Operation of the above named bank in Seychelles and
have discovered a lump sum of money which was diverted to suspense account
of our bank by the assassinated former Group Head of this bank on the 14th
of April, 04 at here in
Victoria, Seychelles.
However, this fund ($52m) is not in the record and the bank is not aware of
the funds and its way about, therefore, anybody can claim the funds once you
are in the position to break the suspense account. I have completed all
modalities to have the funds claimed but I need a trusted partner who will
collaborate with me to receive the funds in his/her account oversee for this
funds cannot be claimed while in Seychelles as a Civil Servant like me is
not in a position to own this kind of money. I will front you as the
Beneficiary/Owner in order to have the funds claimed without any hitches.
I will offer you 30% of this fund while you will hold on trust my 70% which
will be invested in your country.
If you are really interested, ready and capable of handling this
transaction, kindly indicate by sending in your details for correspondence
while further details in respect of this proposal will be made available to
you in due course. Meanwhile, this is 100% risk free and your personality
and security are surely guaranteed.
Mr. Tayus Charles


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