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icc/ecc full path and solaris link line fixes

From: Mats Rynge
Subject: icc/ecc full path and solaris link line fixes
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 12:45:13 -0800
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Attached is patches against branch-1-5 and HEAD fixing two problems:

 - a case statment comparing CC to icc*/ecc*. The comparasion fails if
   CC is set to the full path of the compiler (CC=icc works, 
   CC=/opt/intel_cc_80/bin/icc would not work). Fix is to use
   cc_basename instead of CC.

 - added some missing ${wl} for solaris. The problem has been
   reported before:

The HEAD patch is untested.

Mats Rynge
USC/Information Sciences Institute  -  Center for Grid Technologies

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