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Re: icc/ecc full path and solaris link line fixes

From: Mats Rynge
Subject: Re: icc/ecc full path and solaris link line fixes
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 07:34:52 -0800
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On Wednesday 17 November 2004 06:03 am, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> > Looks good.  Since I don't have access to Solaris: Is there a
> > testcase in the testsuite that is fixed by this?  If not, we should
> > maybe create one.  It'd also be great to know how the branch-2-0
> > testsuite fares on Solaris, anyway.
> Are you still reading here?  Can you or someone else confirm that
> demo-nopic.test fails on Solaris?  It's mentioned in
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-libtool/2004-09/msg00171.html
> and I'd disable that test for the system then.

Yeah, sorry for the delay. I still haven't looked to see if the 
extractall is covered by a unit test, but you are right about the 

PASS: demo-nofast.test
PASS: demo-make.test
PASS: demo-exec.test
PASS: demo-inst.test
PASS: demo-unst.test
PASS: demo-pic.test
PASS: demo-make.test
PASS: demo-exec.test
PASS: demo-nopic.test
FAIL: demo-make.test
SKIP: demo-exec.test

That is the only test which fails:

1 of 109 tests failed
(1 tests were not run)
Please report to address@hidden

I have attached the output of demo-nopic.test and demo-make.test with 
verbose output.

Mats Rynge
USC/Information Sciences Institute  -  Center for Grid Technologies

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