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Darwin status (Modifié par Akim Demaille)

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Darwin status (Modifié par Akim Demaille)
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2004 13:12:40 +0100


Are there any known issues with the Darwin support?  I can't get
the attached tarball work properly (make check fails) on Darwin, but
it passes on GNU/Linux.

The problem is in the swig directory: synbols from the core
library are not added where they should.

This is on GNU/Linux:

c++-libtool-swig-python/_build/swig % nm -C .libs/_en.so | grep hw
00001660 t global constructors keyed to _ZN2fr2hwEv
000011f0 t _wrap_hw
00001530 T en::hw()
00001580 T fr::hw()
00001680 T en_us::hw()

en::hw is present.

But on Darwin, I have:

sulaco% nm .libs/_en.so | c++filt3 | grep hw
0000e9b0 S _ZN5en_us2hwEv.eh
         U en::hw()
00002938 T en_us::hw()
00002604 t __wrap_hw
0000e92c s _wrap_hw.eh

for some reason en::hw() is not defined.

Also, I have not received a fix for the uniq -cd problem I reported.

This tarball is meant to be as simple as possible: there are only
three functions is there.  Yet it does not work properly.  To boostrap
run autoreconf -fvi.

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