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Your Support Inquiries -- Attention Required

From: inKline Global Support Auto Reply
Subject: Your Support Inquiries -- Attention Required
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 12:09:19 -0500

Dear Customer,
Thank you for writing to inKline Global, Inc.! We appreciate your business and 
look forward to exceeding your expectations.
If you are unable to download the product you purchased, please view your
purchase confirmation that you received in your email. Your personal download
link is in it! If you are still unable to receive your purchased software,
please view our software download/re-download FAQ at
http://inklineglobal.com/support/technical_common_download.html to resolve
your problems.

If you run into product installation problems please go to
http://inklineglobal.com/support/technical_common_installation.html to learn
how to install your products easily.

Additionally, if you wish to learn how to uninstall programs correctly, please
view http://inklineglobal.com/support/technical_common_uninstallation.html
If you have submitted technical and sales support emails at this address, 
please use our NEW web support system at http://www.inklineglobal.com/support/ 
to resubmit your queries. We no longer accept email questions at this email 
address as we have upgraded to the new web support system, which provides us 
with more detailed technical information to support you better. The new system 
also streamlines the information required by our support team in order to serve 
you promptly.
Generally our personnels will answer all support requests within 24-48 hours.  
If your support request has been assigned during non-business hours, please be 
informed that we will reply as soon as possible on a first come, first serve 
In the meantime, please visit our support site at 
http://www.inklineglobal.com/support and select the technical or sales support 
that you need. You will be able to view the extensive knowledgebase and FAQ 
sections that we have posted for your product. You can even find the answers 
that you require before we attend to your requests.
We look forward to helping you!

inKline Global Product Support
inKline Global, Inc.

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