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From: MSN Hotmail
Subject: warning
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 05:32:45 -0800 (PST)

This is an auto-generated response designed to answer your question as quickly 
as possible. Please note that you will not receive a reply if you respond 
directly to this message. 

Unfortunately, we cannot take action on the mail you sent us because it does 
not reference a Hotmail account. Please send us another message that contains 
the full Hotmail e-mail address and the full e-mail message to:

>>> To forward mail with full headers

Using Hotmail:
1.  Click "Options" to the right of the "Contacts" tab. The "Options" page 
2.  Under "Additional Options", click "Mail Display Settings". The "Mail 
Display Settings" page appears.
3.  Under "Message Headers", select "Full" and click "OK".
4.  Forward the resulting mail to:

Using MSN Explorer:
1.  Open the message, and then click "More" in the upper right corner.
2.  Click "Message Source". The message opens in a new window with all the 
header information visible.
3.  Copy all the text and paste it into a new message. Send this message to:

Using Outlook Express or Outlook:
1.  On the unopened mail, place your cursor over the mail, right-click, and 
click "Options".
2.  Under "Internet headers", copy the contents of the full header.
3.  Open the e-mail in question and forward a complete copy of the message, 
including the full message header you copied at the beginning of your message, 

If you're not a Hotmail member, consult the Help associated with your e-mail 
program to determine how to view complete header information. Then forward the 
message to:

If the unsolicited junk e-mail or "spam" comes from a non-Hotmail account, you 
can send a complaint to the service provider that sent the mail. Make sure that 
you include full headers when you send your complaint. 

In the full header, look at the last "Received" notation to locate what .com 
domain it came from. It looks something like:
    [service provider domain name].com

Forward a complete copy of the message, including the full message header, to:
      address@hidden provider domain name].com

If the domain does not have an abuse service, forward your complaint to:
      address@hidden provider domain name].com

All Hotmail customers have agreed to MSN Website Terms of Use and Notices(TOU) 
that forbid e-mail abuse. At the bottom of any page in Hotmail, click "Terms of 
Use" to view the Terms of Use document in its entirety.

Thank you for helping us enforce our TOU.

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