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Re: libtool macros must be installed where aclocal can find them

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: libtool macros must be installed where aclocal can find them
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 10:47:29 +0000
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Hello Per,

Per Bothner wrote:
> Having libtool copy all of its macros into a "project
> macro directory" seems a silly idea.  What's the point?

I had wanted to experiment with having multiple versions of
libtool installed at once (like the automake parallel installations
work currently).  This code is in HEAD only, and I will most
likely revert it anyway -- but first I'm concentrating on
branch-2-0 so that we can get a release out.

For the record:

If you use libtool HEAD with a recent automake, then having
one of the installed libtoolizes copy a matching set of libtool
macros and ltmain.sh into the project tree saves you from having
mismatched file versions at configure time.  Recent aclocal
will notice that the libtool macros are in the source tree,
and merely adds `m4_include([m4/libtool.m4])' and the like to
aclocal.m4 so there is no duplication.

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