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NOTICE: mail delivery status

From: postmaster
Subject: NOTICE: mail delivery status
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 09:32:42 +0000 (GMT)

Intertek Mail Filter Security


Webshield triggered with the following information:

Scanner(s): ScanObjectScanResult
Context(s): document_word.pif
Detection(s): File has been blocked due to its filename, format or size
Source IP Address:
Source Host Name: cm218-253-8-120.hkcable.com.hk
Sender: <address@hidden>
Recipients: <address@hidden>
Destination IP Address:
Destination Host Name:
Message ID: 54c0_ff5e1d0a_9dd9_11d9_916c_003048256b3c
Webshield Name: gbmailgw01
Webshield IP Address:,
Protocol: SMTP
UTC Time: 2005-03-26_09:32:42_GMT_(+0000)
Local Time: 2005-03-26_09:32:42_GMT_(+0000)

See your system administrator for further information.

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