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noinst_LTLIBRARIES built from non-PIC objects

From: Пухальский Юрий Андреевич
Subject: noinst_LTLIBRARIES built from non-PIC objects
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 15:05:33 +0400

That has started from Studio 10 (Solaris 10, sparc, trying to build 64-bit 
application). Libtool is version 1.5.14. With previous versions of Studio there 
were no problems. I've tried to check on several versions of libtool and 
compiler, but hadn't made it thoroughly, it appears, that sometimes the library 
is indeed being built from PIC objects... 

I attach the log of the build problem. Unfortunately, it's takenb from the real 
build environment, so it's quite hairy:( Also I include Makefile.am for the 
reference, but it's quite hairy.
We see therefrom, that libcspbase.la is being built from non-PIC objects.

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Hi pooh  :)

(This system is not yet UTF-8 safe, sorry.)

* address@hidden wrote on Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 01:40:58PM CET:
> I don't know what else we could do (but I know little about Solaris).
> Btw, another issue I stepped on Solaris. Compiler 5.6 (Studio 10).
> I use libtool for the following.
> I make a small static library to be linked to the resulting shared.
> Unfortunately, this static library is being made only of non-PIC
> objects (although both PIC and non-PIC ones are compiled). Is it maybe
> possible to have both versions of intermediate static libraries, from
> PIC and non-PIC objects? Or should I use partial linking or any other
> means? 

If you do not intend to install the library (and are using Automake),
it should create a convenience archive comprised of the PIC objects
only.  Linking against it should be fine.

Do you need the non-PIC objects in a static library as well?
You could just create it under another name then.


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