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CCDia Microspeed: Increase of tool life by a factor 8-12 when depaneling

From: Jörg Schnitzler
Subject: CCDia Microspeed: Increase of tool life by a factor 8-12 when depaneling of PCB assemblies
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 22:58:21 +0200




ELDOS Co. Ldt.:

High cost savings due to increase of productivity and tool life when routing FR4.



Dear Sir or Madam  ,

please find enclosed the latest news on mechanical processing of PCBs:



Depaneling of PCB


Well known end-users achieve brilliant results with a diamond coated router from GCT when routing PCB assemblies. Manfred Kling, executive director GCT: “For the second quarter of 2005 we expect a rapid increase in sales of diamond coated routers. The reason is on the one hand the delivery of the 2. generation of the routers and on the other hand a continuous enlargement of the application range. More and more users focus permanently on diamond coated tools and increasingly the Asian market gains on importance.”


Application data:

Type of router: 1 100 (GCT GmbH) diameter 2.0 or 2.4 mm, CCDia®MicroSpeed coated (CemeCon AG)

Parameter: vc=220-250 m/min; f =1.80-2.50 m/min (+ 25% compared to standard routers)


Result: Increase of tool life by a factor 8-12 and 25% increase of feed rate when depaneling of PCB assemblies



Routing of a three panels per stack FR4 double sided PCB ; 1,55 mm thickness


Automotive Industry: The PCB producer ELDOS Co. Ldt. from Poland achieves a significant reduction of costs with a CCDia®MicroSpeed coated router.


Application data:

Type of router: 1 200 1600 085 (GCT GmbH), CCDia®MicroSpeed coated (CemeCon AG)


Standard application: three panels per stack FR4, double sided PCB, 1.55 mm thickness.


Application with a diamond coated router: four panels per stack FR4, double sided PCB, 1.55 mm thickness.


Result: Quadruplicating of tool life and at the same time change of a three panels per stack FR4 to a 4 panels per stack FR4





Through CCDia®Microspeed, CemeCon has developed a diamond coating which utilises the elementary properties of this material. Diamond is the hardest material of the world, is extremely smooth and exhibits an extremely low tendency of sticking with respect to hydrocarbons. These advantages have an immediate effect on the production process: The significantly extended tool life by a factor of at least six results in cost savings of approximately 40%. (more…)



Who is CemeCon?


Since 1986 the coating expert CemeCon, Würselen, Germany is considered as one of the first-rate vendors when it comes to high-quality coatings for high-performance tools and components. At Würselen, Germany CemeCon is operating the world-wide largest coating centre and is the world market leader in the area of wear protection coatings of diamond tools. With growth rates of over 50 % per year since the beginning of the Nineties, these are gaining prominence in industrial cutting operations, in particular in connection with compound materials, graphite and AlSi alloys. In these areas, these tools are very much superior to uncoated tools. (more…)



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With kind regards


Jörg Schnitzler

Marketing/ Communication


CemeCon AG

Adenauerstr. 20 B1

52146 Würselen


Tel: 0049 2405 44 70 162

Fax: 0049 2405 44 70 199

E-Mail: address@hidden

URL: www.cemecon.de


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