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Al Qaeda terrorists infiltrate Coca-Cola Factorys

From: news
Subject: Al Qaeda terrorists infiltrate Coca-Cola Factorys
Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 16:30:42 -0500

Dear Reader,

This is a category one ALERT from CNN.

CNN have learned from government sources today that the Coca-Cola factories 
that supply the United States of America and our friends in the United Kingdom 
have been infiltrated by Al Qaeda terrorists.  

Traces of arsenic and anthrax have been found in one out of every five cans of 
Coke tested.  Reports have been sent out to all major networks and newspapers 
to put out a "Red Alert Category One", warning all drinkers of Coke to make 
their way to the nearest hospital for a check-up.

If you have drunk or bought Coca-Cola on or after the 25th of March 2005 then 
do not panic, just inform your nearest medical centre and make your way there 
as soon as possible.

In the best interests of The USA and our friends in the UK could you forward 
this mail to all Coke drinkers you know, we will be posting 
more updates as they come in.


James Martin


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