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Thank You for Applying with Avnet, Inc.

From: Talent, Acquisition
Subject: Thank You for Applying with Avnet, Inc.
Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 08:35:38 -0700

Thank you for applying with Avnet, Inc., and for the opportunity to review your background and experience.     

Your resume will remain active in our centralized database for six months and should an appropriate position become available, we will contact you directly.

To assist Avnet in its compliance with government reporting requirements, we are providing you with the opportunity to self-identify.  This is an optional opportunity.  This data will be retained separate from your resume and is for statistical purposes only.

Avnet is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Information concerning race or gender status will not be used to discriminate against or give preference to any individual.  Response is voluntary and confidential.

Personal Data

Date:  ____________

Name:   _____________________________

Position Requisition #    ___________________________

Title Applied for:  ________________________________


        Female    ______
        Male        ______

Race/Ethnic Origin (choose one)

        White (not of hispanic origin)  _______
        African American  _______
        Hispanic  ______
        Asian or Pacific Islander  ______
        Native American  ______

Once again, thank you for your interest and best wishes on your career endeavors!

Avnet, Inc.

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