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Re: [libtool 2.1a] testsuite: 5 15 failed (fwd)

From: Gerrit P. Haase
Subject: Re: [libtool 2.1a] testsuite: 5 15 failed (fwd)
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 15:59:19 +0200
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Chris Oxenreider wrote:

My libtool version is:

address@hidden --version
ltmain.sh (GNU libtool 1.1973 2005/06/29 08:26:20) 2.1a
Written by Gordon Matzigkeit <address@hidden>, 1996

It doesn't matter which version of libtool you have installed in the
system, libtool is already included in the source package of PHP, you
need to reconfigure the PHP sources.  I use autoreconf to do this most
of the time.  However, since PHP doesn't use automake the provided
Makefile.in templates may be wrong and hand editing of the templates
may be needed (i.e. add -no-undefined where required, etc.).


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