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libtool and AFS - chronic problem

From: Jeff Blaine
Subject: libtool and AFS - chronic problem
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 15:08:10 -0400
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The following is valid, and libtool is in my opinion being too
"helpful".  It was never a problem before the existence, and
increasing usage of, libtool.

The situation below represents how we build all of our
applications.  After the make install (if it would succeed...),
we "release" the area /afs/rcf/system/dest/lin24v2/local/myapp/010
to some of our machines.  They have a symlink '/usr/rcf' which
points to this "beta" release area.

The software is tested.  When it is found to be legit, we release
that area to our production machines which have a '/usr/rcf'
symlink pointing to the 'production' release area.

./configure --prefix=/usr/rcf
make install prefix=/afs/rcf/system/dest/lin24v2/local/myapp/010
Cannot install foo to a directory not ending in /usr/rcf/whatever-here

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