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libtool and make -j

From: Johan Boule
Subject: libtool and make -j
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 19:22:06 +0000


I'm using automake to build several libtool libraries in the same makefile.
Some built libraries depends on other built libraries, 
and since automake doesn't create the necessary make rules for this (i have
reported the problem to the authors of automake),
i had to use a workaround like this:

lib_LTLIBRARIES += lib-xxx.la
lib_xxx_la_LIBADD += lib-yyy.la
lib_xxx_la_SOURCES += xxx.cpp lib-yyy.la.stamp
CLEANFILES += lib-yyy.la.stamp
lib-yyy.la.stamp: lib-yyy.la

lib_LTLIBRARIES += lib-yyy.la
lib_xxx_la_SOURCES += yyy.cpp

My goal with this workaround was to ensure
that lib-yyy.la is built before lib-xxx.la,
this works well as long as i don't use make -j

On a single processor system, with make -j 2,
it seems to me that the .la file is created
before the underlying "real" libraries are built,
i.e., the .la file exists but there's no .so file yet.

I was wondering if libtool could easily be changed so
that the .la file is created last.
Otherwize, i have to add things in my automake file that
are very specific to libtool's own implementation,
and not portable (i.e., referering to the .libs dir,
knowing wether the library extension is .so or .dll etc,
and knowing how the version in included in the filename)


Johan Boule

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