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autoconf 2.59 (libtool) bug

From: Roger Cornelius
Subject: autoconf 2.59 (libtool) bug
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 20:18:43 -0400
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There is a problem in the configure script generated by autoconf v2.59
for at least some packages.  I've seen it in the autoconf v2.59
generated configure script for ImageMagick 6.0.4, and the library
packages, libtiff-3.7.2 and liblcms-1.14.  I reported this to
address@hidden and was told that GNU libtool provides the
affected portion of the configure script and that I should report the
problem to address@hidden

The problem is with matching sysv5UnixWare7.1.4 in $host_os.  The case
for sysv5* is matched before the case for sysv5UnixWare7*.  This is also
true for sysv5OpenUNIX8* and sysv5uw[78]* values of $host_os. 

For libtiff and liblcms, this misidentification results in the
$lt_cv_deplibs_check_method var being left in the default state of
"unknown" rather than being set to "pass_all", and ultimately prevents
the shared libraries from being built for those packages.

Attached is a patch with enough context to exemplify the problem.  This
is from the configure provided with liblcms.
Roger Cornelius        address@hidden

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