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Bug-Report libtool-1.5.20

From: Nuber, Christof
Subject: Bug-Report libtool-1.5.20
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 10:44:52 +0100


I tried to run make check for libtool-1.5.20 on a Linux-2.4.21-37 ELsmp-Kernel 
(RedHat WS 3.6) on a HP xw 9300 (2x AMD Opteron 275), x64_86-Processor.
5 (mdemo-make.test, pdemo-inst.test, pdemo-exec.test, mdemo2-exec.test, 
tagdemo-exec.test) of 109 tests failed, 3 (mdemo-exec.test, mdemo-inst.test, 
demo-nopic.test) were not run.

If you need more information (which I assume), please let me know.



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