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Re: libtool-1.15.23b (i386-unknown-freebsd4.3) check results

From: David Fang
Subject: Re: libtool-1.15.23b (i386-unknown-freebsd4.3) check results
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 17:07:51 -0500 (EST)

Adding another datapoint:

> I don't understand why this test fails though.  Could you try without
> ccache?  Things should work with ccache as well, but it seems they
> don't.

The same tests on i386-unknown-freebsd4.3 were re-run *without* ccache,
and gave the same results (some PASSes omitted).

PASS: demo-shared.test
PASS: demo-make.test
PASS: demo-exec.test
PASS: demo-inst.test
FAIL: hardcode.test

PASS: pdemo-conf.test
FAIL: pdemo-make.test
SKIP: pdemo-exec.test
SKIP: pdemo-inst.test

PASS: tagdemo-static.test
PASS: tagdemo-make.test
PASS: tagdemo-exec.test
PASS: tagdemo-conf.test
PASS: tagdemo-make.test
FAIL: tagdemo-exec.test
PASS: tagdemo-shared.test
PASS: tagdemo-make.test
FAIL: tagdemo-exec.test

4 of 110 tests failed
(2 tests were not run)
Please report to address@hidden

It doesn't look like ccache is affecting these results.
If you want a verbose log from this set, I can also provide.

David Fang
Computer Systems Laboratory
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cornell University
        -- (2400 baud? Netscape 3.0?? lynx??? No problem!)

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