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Re: hello-project install failure

From: David Fang
Subject: Re: hello-project install failure
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 17:46:19 -0500 (EST)

Ok, I've figured out my problem.
There is no proper curse in m4, perl, or bf for my stupidity.

Apparently, some time ago, I thought it was a good idea
to "setenv LD g++".  (I was building others' non-autotoolized projects
that mistakenly linked c++ objects using gcc or ld, which does not
necessarily Do The Right Thing.)  This had stayed in my FreeBSD
environments for a few (4+) years and never done noticeable harm.

A little research into my config.logs showed that LD is picked up from the
environment in the configuration tests.  From here on after (configure),
everything gets screwed up, but in a subtle and stealthy way that
triggered no visible failures until AFTER a built executable was executed
from its installed home.  (Even installcheck's that *ran* the installed
executables did not fail, because the mistakenly referenced
".libs/libfoo.so" was still present from the working directory!)

Many apologies for the noise in the last few days.  I will re-run all
libtool tests 'properly', and report any *real* problems if I find any.

Lesson: don't setenv LD to workaround other's misuse of linkers.  Fix
their build systems instead.


David Fang
Computer Systems Laboratory
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cornell University
        -- (2400 baud? Netscape 3.0?? lynx??? No problem!)

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