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Re: Libtools 1.5.23a, 1.5.23c, and 1.5.22 use -bundle while creating xdm

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Libtools 1.5.23a, 1.5.23c, and 1.5.22 use -bundle while creating xdm of XOrg 7.1
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 15:22:19 +0100

Am 05.03.2007 um 14:36 schrieb Peter O'Gorman:

Is the symbol actually defined in each object file? It shouldn't be. if you do:
nm .libs/Login.o | grep getpwnam
nm .libs/greet.o | grep getpwnam

does it show both with capital letters? If so there is something bad happening in the headers that these files include to define this symbol twice.

        pete 238 /\ nm app/xdm/greeter/.libs/Login.o | grep getpwnam
        000084e0 S ___xdm_getpwnam
        pete 239 /\ nm app/xdm/greeter/.libs/greet.o | grep getpwnam
        000016b8 D ___xdm_getpwnam

I'm sorry, I haven't had the time to build x.org lately. Ben wasn't building on tiger though, I'm not sure if he's had the chance to do so. Anyway, I don't think this one is actually GNU libtool's fault.

Yes, that's my opinion now, too! I looked further and I managed to "patch" the libtool script in xdm to not contain any -bundle switch and I still have the same error in the end with "multiple definitions of symbol ___xdm_getpwnam." This comes obviously from the struct dlfuncs in app/xdm/greet.h, which is used in both app/xdm/greeter/ Login.c (as declaration only) and in app/xdm/greeter/greet.c:

         struct passwd *(*_getpwnam)(GETPWNAM_ARGS);

expanded to

        extern struct passwd *(*__xdm_getpwnam)();

so it appears in both files, but is only used in one (plus app/xdm/ greeter/verify.c).



"What is this talk of 'release?' Klingons do not make software 'releases.' Our software 'escapes,' leaving a bloody trail of designers and quality assurance people in its wake."

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