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Binary wrappers not working on MinGW/MSYS

From: Thorsten Dahlheimer
Subject: Binary wrappers not working on MinGW/MSYS
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 22:42:13 +0100


the binary wrapper executables created on MinGW always
exit with non-zero exit code instead of executing the
wrapped executable. (This is true with both CVS trunk
and the 1.5 branch.) The error is in the following line
of the wrapper's C source:

  execv("$SHELL",(char const **)newargz);

Here $SHELL contains an MSYS POSIX-style path, but the
binary wrapper will be a native Windows executable, and
the shell won't be found. So when building on MinGW/MSYS,
libtool should convert the contents of $SHELL to the
corresponding Win32 path before putting it into the wrapper

Best Regards,

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