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Re: libtool generates incorrect option for Solaris ld

From: Peter O'Gorman
Subject: Re: libtool generates incorrect option for Solaris ld
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2007 11:20:54 -0500

On Mon, 2007-07-02 at 15:48 +0200, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> I've done a "make dist" on the MPFR library under Debian, and with this
> tarball, when I do a "./configure --enable-shared" under Solaris, "make"
> fails:
> [...]
> /bin/ksh ./libtool --tag=CC --mode=link cc  -xtarget=native -xarch=v9 -xO4  
> -L/users/spaces/vlefevre/sparc-solaris/gmp-assert/lib -o libmpfr.la -rpath 
> /usr/local/lib -version-info 2:0:1 exceptions.lo extract.lo uceil_exp2.lo 
> uceil_log2.lo ufloor_log2.lo add.lo add1.lo add_ui.lo agm.lo clear.lo cmp.lo 
> cmp_abs.lo cmp_si.lo cmp_ui.lo comparisons.lo div_2exp.lo div_2si.lo 
> div_2ui.lo div.lo div_ui.lo dump.lo eq.lo exp10.lo exp2.lo exp3.lo exp.lo 
> frac.lo get_d.lo get_exp.lo get_str.lo init.lo inp_str.lo isinteger.lo 
> isinf.lo isnan.lo isnum.lo const_log2.lo log.lo mul_2exp.lo mul_2si.lo 
> mul_2ui.lo mul.lo mul_ui.lo neg.lo next.lo out_str.lo const_pi.lo pow.lo 
> pow_si.lo pow_ui.lo print_raw.lo print_rnd_mode.lo random2.lo random.lo 
> reldiff.lo round_prec.lo set.lo setmax.lo setmin.lo set_d.lo set_dfl_prec.lo 
> set_exp.lo set_rnd.lo set_f.lo set_prc_raw.lo set_prec.lo set_q.lo set_si.lo 
> set_str.lo set_str_raw.lo set_ui.lo set_z.lo sqrt.lo sqrt_ui.lo sub.lo 
> sub1.lo sub_ui.lo rint.lo ui_div.lo ui_sub.lo urandomb.lo get_z_exp.lo 
> swap.lo factorial.lo cosh.lo sinh.lo tanh.lo acosh.lo asinh.lo atanh.lo 
> atan.lo cmp2.lo exp_2.lo asin.lo const_euler.lo cos.lo sin.lo tan.lo fma.lo 
> fms.lo hypot.lo log1p.lo expm1.lo log2.lo log10.lo ui_pow.lo ui_pow_ui.lo 
> minmax.lo dim.lo copysign.lo gmp_op.lo init2.lo acos.lo sin_cos.lo set_nan.lo 
> set_inf.lo powerof2.lo gamma.lo set_ld.lo get_ld.lo cbrt.lo volatile.lo 
> fits_sshort.lo fits_sint.lo fits_slong.lo fits_ushort.lo fits_uint.lo 
> fits_ulong.lo fits_uintmax.lo fits_intmax.lo get_si.lo get_ui.lo zeta.lo 
> cmp_d.lo erf.lo inits.lo inits2.lo clears.lo sgn.lo check.lo sub1sp.lo 
> version.lo mpn_exp.lo mpfr-gmp.lo mp_clz_tab.lo sum.lo add1sp.lo 
> free_cache.lo si_op.lo cmp_ld.lo set_ui_2exp.lo set_si_2exp.lo set_uj.lo 
> set_sj.lo get_sj.lo get_uj.lo get_z.lo iszero.lo cache.lo sqr.lo 
> int_ceil_log2.lo isqrt.lo strtofr.lo pow_z.lo logging.lo mulders.lo get_f.lo 
> round_p.lo erfc.lo atan2.lo subnormal.lo const_catalan.lo root.lo sec.lo 
> csc.lo cot.lo eint.lo sech.lo csch.lo coth.lo round_near_x.lo constant.lo 
> abort_prec_max.lo stack_interface.lo lngamma.lo zeta_ui.lo set_d64.lo 
> get_d64.lo jn.lo yn.lo remquo.lo  -lgmp 
> libtool: link: warning: library 
> `/users/spaces/vlefevre/sparc-solaris/gmp-assert/lib/libgmp.la' was moved.
> /usr/ccs/bin/ld -64 -G -h libmpfr.so.1 -o .libs/libmpfr.so.1.1.0  
> .libs/exceptions.o .libs/extract.o .libs/uceil_exp2.o .libs/uceil_log2.o 
> .libs/ufloor_log2.o .libs/add.o .libs/add1.o .libs/add_ui.o .libs/agm.o 
> .libs/clear.o .libs/cmp.o .libs/cmp_abs.o .libs/cmp_si.o .libs/cmp_ui.o 
> .libs/comparisons.o .libs/div_2exp.o .libs/div_2si.o .libs/div_2ui.o 
> .libs/div.o .libs/div_ui.o .libs/dump.o .libs/eq.o .libs/exp10.o .libs/exp2.o 
> .libs/exp3.o .libs/exp.o .libs/frac.o .libs/get_d.o .libs/get_exp.o 
> .libs/get_str.o .libs/init.o .libs/inp_str.o .libs/isinteger.o .libs/isinf.o 
> .libs/isnan.o .libs/isnum.o .libs/const_log2.o .libs/log.o .libs/mul_2exp.o 
> .libs/mul_2si.o .libs/mul_2ui.o .libs/mul.o .libs/mul_ui.o .libs/neg.o 
> .libs/next.o .libs/out_str.o .libs/const_pi.o .libs/pow.o .libs/pow_si.o 
> .libs/pow_ui.o .libs/print_raw.o .libs/print_rnd_mode.o .libs/random2.o 
> .libs/random.o .libs/reldiff.o .libs/round_prec.o .libs/set.o .libs/setmax.o 
> .libs/setmin.o .libs/set_d.o .libs/set_dfl_prec.o .libs/set_exp.o 
> .libs/set_rnd.o .libs/set_f.o .libs/set_prc_raw.o .libs/set_prec.o 
> .libs/set_q.o .libs/set_si.o .libs/set_str.o .libs/set_str_raw.o 
> .libs/set_ui.o .libs/set_z.o .libs/sqrt.o .libs/sqrt_ui.o .libs/sub.o 
> .libs/sub1.o .libs/sub_ui.o .libs/rint.o .libs/ui_div.o .libs/ui_sub.o 
> .libs/urandomb.o .libs/get_z_exp.o .libs/swap.o .libs/factorial.o 
> .libs/cosh.o .libs/sinh.o .libs/tanh.o .libs/acosh.o .libs/asinh.o 
> .libs/atanh.o .libs/atan.o .libs/cmp2.o .libs/exp_2.o .libs/asin.o 
> .libs/const_euler.o .libs/cos.o .libs/sin.o .libs/tan.o .libs/fma.o 
> .libs/fms.o .libs/hypot.o .libs/log1p.o .libs/expm1.o .libs/log2.o 
> .libs/log10.o .libs/ui_pow.o .libs/ui_pow_ui.o .libs/minmax.o .libs/dim.o 
> .libs/copysign.o .libs/gmp_op.o .libs/init2.o .libs/acos.o .libs/sin_cos.o 
> .libs/set_nan.o .libs/set_inf.o .libs/powerof2.o .libs/gamma.o .libs/set_ld.o 
> .libs/get_ld.o .libs/cbrt.o .libs/volatile.o .libs/fits_sshort.o 
> .libs/fits_sint.o .libs/fits_slong.o .libs/fits_ushort.o .libs/fits_uint.o 
> .libs/fits_ulong.o .libs/fits_uintmax.o .libs/fits_intmax.o .libs/get_si.o 
> .libs/get_ui.o .libs/zeta.o .libs/cmp_d.o .libs/erf.o .libs/inits.o 
> .libs/inits2.o .libs/clears.o .libs/sgn.o .libs/check.o .libs/sub1sp.o 
> .libs/version.o .libs/mpn_exp.o .libs/mpfr-gmp.o .libs/mp_clz_tab.o 
> .libs/sum.o .libs/add1sp.o .libs/free_cache.o .libs/si_op.o .libs/cmp_ld.o 
> .libs/set_ui_2exp.o .libs/set_si_2exp.o .libs/set_uj.o .libs/set_sj.o 
> .libs/get_sj.o .libs/get_uj.o .libs/get_z.o .libs/iszero.o .libs/cache.o 
> .libs/sqr.o .libs/int_ceil_log2.o .libs/isqrt.o .libs/strtofr.o .libs/pow_z.o 
> .libs/logging.o .libs/mulders.o .libs/get_f.o .libs/round_p.o .libs/erfc.o 
> .libs/atan2.o .libs/subnormal.o .libs/const_catalan.o .libs/root.o 
> .libs/sec.o .libs/csc.o .libs/cot.o .libs/eint.o .libs/sech.o .libs/csch.o 
> .libs/coth.o .libs/round_near_x.o .libs/constant.o .libs/abort_prec_max.o 
> .libs/stack_interface.o .libs/lngamma.o .libs/zeta_ui.o .libs/set_d64.o 
> .libs/get_d64.o .libs/jn.o .libs/yn.o .libs/remquo.o  
> -R/users/spaces/vlefevre/sparc-solaris/gmp-assert/lib 
> -R/users/spaces/vlefevre/sparc-solaris/gmp-assert/lib 
> -L/users/spaces/vlefevre/sparc-solaris/gmp-assert/lib 
> /users/spaces/vlefevre/sparc-solaris/gmp-assert/lib/libgmp.so -lc 
> /usr/ccs/bin/ld: illegal option -- 6
> /usr/ccs/bin/ld: illegal option -- 4
> /usr/ccs/bin/sparcv9/ld: illegal option -- 6
> /usr/ccs/bin/sparcv9/ld: illegal option -- 4
> /usr/ccs/bin/sparcv9/ld: illegal option -- 6
> /usr/ccs/bin/sparcv9/ld: illegal option -- 4
> usage: ld [-abd:e:f:h:il:mo:rstu:z:B:D:F:GI:L:M:N:Q:R:S:VY:] file(s)
> [...]
> However, in the config.log, this didn't fail:

Please show '/usr/ccs/bin/ld -V' output, and the version of solaris.


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