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Re: build check in AIX 5.2 / 5.3 / 6.1

From: Rainer Tammer
Subject: Re: build check in AIX 5.2 / 5.3 / 6.1
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 08:51:41 +0100
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Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
Hello Rainer,

* Rainer Tammer wrote on Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 12:25:03PM CET:
I have checked the following libtool versions on several AIX versions:

1. branch-1.5-20080108-cvs

on AIX 5.2, 5.3, 6.1


AIX 5.2 / branch-1.5 / OK
AIX 5.3 / branch-1.5 / OK
AIX 6.1 / branch-1.5 / OK

2. HEAD-20080108-cvs

on AIX 5.3, 6.1


AIX 5.3 / HEAD / testsuite OK, FAIL: tests/mdemo-exec.test (3 times)
AIX 6.1 / HEAD / testsuite OK, FAIL: tests/mdemo-exec.test (3 times)

The detailed test results are in the attached archive.

All test were conducted with IBM C/C++ compilers.

And all tests were done with runtimelinking enabled (-brtl).  It'd be
cool if we could even get things to work smoothly without, but having
it working with it is already good.

I think IBM recommends the rtl method...
I attach a short paper from IBM to this mail - "linking102".

The baseline from this paper is:

* build shared modules with -G or "-brtl -bnortllib -bnosymbolic -berok -bM:SRE" (which is the same)
* build the app with -brtl
So we basically have only one bug left with XL/runtimelinking (the
mdemo-exec one).

If you like me to perforce some tests with gcc then I can try that too..

Yes, that would be great.  The systems I test on currently don't have
g++ or gfortran (or gcj) installed, so if you could test
  ./configure CC=gcc CXX=g++ FC=gfortran F77=gfortran

I can check gcc/g++. Unfortunately I do not have Fortran installed.
Maybe I can try a build test with IBM xlf 5.x (very old version) but this is a bit complicated as I only have very limited access to this machine.
(with LDFLAGS=-Wl,-brtl added, and maybe even without) that would help a

Cheers, and many thanks for your work!


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