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cygwin: module naming and soname_spec gobbledygook

From: paul ヽ
Subject: cygwin: module naming and soname_spec gobbledygook
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 20:55:27 -0500

on cygwin, modules (explicitly with -module -avoid-version) with an install 
name such as libfoo.la get messed up by soname_spec and have their dynamic link 
library installed as cygfoo.dll (at least with libtool-1.5.26)

my key issue being if you were to install libxml2 with python bindings on 
cygwin, it's libxml2mod.la gets installed as libxml2mod.a libxml2mod.dll.a and 
cygxml2mod.dll, and this misnaming/renaming of the dynamic module prevents 
python from loading it as any reference to it in any python file is 'libxml2mod'

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