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Re: Upgrading libltdl does not remove old macros

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: Re: Upgrading libltdl does not remove old macros
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 23:14:02 +0200
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"Gary V. Vaughan" <address@hidden> writes:

> But there is no way to be sure whether acinclude.m4 contains nothing more
> than
> old versions of libtool macros. Therefore it is not safe to delete the
> file even
> if libtoolize does see its old macros in there.

We are talking about acinclude.m4 inside libltdl, a directory more or
less owned by libtool (all other files in there are overwritten by
libtoolize --force).  Do people really put their own macros there?


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