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Re: libtool 2.2.2 cross-compile to mingw problems

From: Roumen Petrov
Subject: Re: libtool 2.2.2 cross-compile to mingw problems
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 22:06:35 +0300
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Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
Hello Roumen, Simon,

* Roumen Petrov wrote on Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 08:24:15PM CEST:
Simon Josefsson wrote:
I'm trying to build gnutls from debian x86 to windows using mingw.  The
resulting binaries doesn't work in-place:

address@hidden:~/gnutls4win/build/gnutls-2.3.7/src$ ./certtool.exe
Wine failed with return code 127
address@hidden:~/gnutls4win/build/gnutls-2.3.7/src$ [SNIP]
If don't exist shell script ~/gnutls4win/build/gnutls-2.3.7/src/certtool look like regression bug.

I'm curious: why?  I know this may be a little bit delicate issue, but I
don't think we've ever guaranteed that a shell wrapper is generated.
And in fact, it always depended on what sorts of libraries the program
depends upon whether it was generated.


The partial content of a directory in cross-compiled project:
$ ls *testapi*
testapi*  testapi.c  testapi.exe*  testapi.o

$ ls .libs/*testapi*
.libs/lt-testapi.c  .libs/testapi.exe*

$cat testapi
#! /bin/sh

# testapi - temporary wrapper script for .libs/testapi.exe
# Generated by ltmain.sh - GNU libtool 1.5.26 (1.1220.2.492 2008/01/30 06:40:56)
      # Add the dll search path components to the executable PATH
      # Run the actual program with our arguments.
      exec "$progdir/$program" ${1+"$@"}
And in this case I can run application (.libs/testapi.exe) from ./testapi .
I cannot run ./testapi.exe since in wine environment is not installed born shell. And this is reported problem.


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