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Re: libtool does not add stdc++ when linking on Linux

From: Christian Thalinger
Subject: Re: libtool does not add stdc++ when linking on Linux
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 13:00:34 +0200

On Thu, 2008-06-19 at 12:48 +0200, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> > Right, but ../../src/vm/libvm.la should depend on it, as it does on
> > OpenSolaris, since it contains a C++ object file.
> Why does that follow?  Just because an object is compiled with the C++
> compiler does not mean that it uses any features from libstdc++.

You are actually right, it does not use any libstdc++ features
explicitly, but:

$ nm .libs/package.o 
0000000000000000 V DW.ref.__gxx_personality_v0
                 U _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_
                 U __gxx_personality_v0
                 U list_add_last
                 U list_create
                 U list_first
                 U list_next
0000000000000000 b list_package
                 U log_finish
                 U log_print
                 U log_println
                 U log_start
                 U mem_alloc
                 U opt_DebugPackage
                 U opt_TraceSubsystemInitialization
00000000000000f2 T Package_add
000000000000014c T Package_initialize
                 U utf_display_printable_ascii
000000000000010a T _ZN7Package10initializeEv
0000000000000066 T _ZN7Package3addEP3utf
0000000000000000 T _ZN7Package4findEP3utf

The object file references __gxx_personality_v0, thus it needs to be
linked with libstdc++.

- twisti

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