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Re: [libtool 2.2.4] testsuite: 26 72 failed

From: Vladimir
Subject: Re: [libtool 2.2.4] testsuite: 26 72 failed
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 01:20:07 +0900
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Ralf Wildenhues wrote on Wednesday 25 June 2008 03:29:45:

>>> Hmm.  You configured --with-pic.  That causes the test failure.  So it
>>> seems the testsuite needs to be fixed.  But why do you use --with-pic
>>> in the first place, I wonder?  There should be no need to.
>> On my old machine (x86) I run Slackware then I bought new one and use
>> now Slamd64 (Slackware based distro for x86_64 :). To compile some
>> programms and libraries I need --with-pic flag. On my old machine I
>> never use it but now I have to, if I won't use it some programms fails
>> to be linked.
> That sounds like a bug in the build process of those programs.
> If you happen upon an issue like this, can you report it here?
Some time ago I used Bluewhite64. In order to compile ghostscript I had to use 
flag (this advice I found on Bluewhite64 forum). After that I switched to 
Slamd64 and
don't try compile without '--with-pic'. AFAIR sometimes some programms failed 
to be linked
if I not pass '--with-pic' into configure. Now I recompile all programms which 
before I
compiled with '--with-pic' flag. No errors yet :).

WBW, Vladimir Lomov

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