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make -k check report

From: AyvanGo
Subject: make -k check report
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 19:21:34 +0400

That's "make -k check" report.
Target architecture: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 / MinGW
I've downloaded the latest version in unstable branch MinGW plus MSys
plus MSysDTK
The main goal was to ./configure latest Freetype2, it was a
measurement for success in installing libtools.
I've download sources for
Than me successfully ran install commands for each as it was described
in the MinGW site.
$ ./configure --prefix="/mingw" && make && make install
Freetype2 rejected to configure with fresh installed autoconf toolset.
Therefore i've tried to install autoconf,automake and libtool without
$ ./configure && make && make install
 All commands were completed successfully but automake environment
still didn't work properly.
It seems you lack statistics on Windows platforms, so  I've gathered
all info I could and send it. I've get testsuite.log from autoconf and
libtool sources plus output from automake$ make -k check > check.info
since it doesn't createl testsuite.log file.

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