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-KPIC has been deprecated in new Intel FORTRAN Compilers (ifort)

From: Aquil H. Abdullah
Subject: -KPIC has been deprecated in new Intel FORTRAN Compilers (ifort)
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 15:34:15 -0400

I use a myriad of FORTRAN compilers, and libtool (to alleviate the myriad of headaches that come along with using a myriad of FORTRAN compilers).  Libtool was generating lovely compilations until I moved to ifort 10.X.  Intel has deprecated the -KPIC option and now only supports -fPIC option.  This causes a problem when I run configure to build libtools, becuase when I compile code using libtool and ifort the -fPIC option is not specified, and at link time I get a symbol rellocation error.  I know that the 9.X series of the intel compiler supports -fPIC as well as -KPIC.  Would it be possible to have future versions of libtool check for the -fPIC option rather than the -KPIC option.  Or better yet, have libtool check for the version of the intel compiler and then select the proper option?  The first change is easy, as I did this my self.  The second change requires some more thought and may be overkill. Below, is a diff on what I did to get the correct behaviour (Change 1):

address@hidden libtool]$ diff -Naur libtool-2.2.4/configure ~/libtool-2.2.4/configure
--- libtool-2.2.4/configure     2008-05-04 15:07:24.000000000 -0400
+++ /home/aha/libtool-2.2.4/configure   2008-08-05 15:08:57.000000000 -0400
@@ -8069,7 +8069,7 @@
       case $cc_basename in
       icc* | ecc* | ifort*)
-       lt_prog_compiler_pic='-KPIC'
+       lt_prog_compiler_pic='-fPIC'
       pgcc* | pgf77* | pgf90* | pgf95*)
@@ -17363,7 +17363,7 @@
       case $cc_basename in
       icc* | ecc* | ifort*)
-       lt_prog_compiler_pic_F77='-KPIC'
+       lt_prog_compiler_pic_F77='-fPIC'
       pgcc* | pgf77* | pgf90* | pgf95*)
@@ -20291,7 +20291,7 @@
       case $cc_basename in
       icc* | ecc* | ifort*)
-       lt_prog_compiler_pic_FC='-KPIC'
+       lt_prog_compiler_pic_FC='-fPIC'
       pgcc* | pgf77* | pgf90* | pgf95*)
@@ -22909,7 +22909,7 @@
       case $cc_basename in
       icc* | ecc* | ifort*)
-       lt_prog_compiler_pic_GCJ='-KPIC'
+       lt_prog_compiler_pic_GCJ='-fPIC'
       pgcc* | pgf77* | pgf90* | pgf95*)

Your humble libtool servant.

Aquil H. Abdullah

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