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Re: [libtool 2.2.6] testsuite: 16 28 45 47 63 64 73 failed

From: Peter O'Gorman
Subject: Re: [libtool 2.2.6] testsuite: 16 28 45 47 63 64 73 failed
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 08:37:46 -0500
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I.Gutheil wrote:
> Hello all,
> sorry for any inconvenience, I wanted to install guile1.8.5 on a power6
> cluster with AIX5.3. To install this I need a libltdl.a and all these
> LINUX tools from GNU are usually not installed on AIX systems or there
> are very old versions which do not work. Unfortunately I got errors and
> don't know what they mean. I attach all files that are supposed to give
> hints for finding the bugs.
> The problems seem to appear with the 64 Bit addressing mode where
> default is 32-Bit mode but I thought I had set -q64 and -X64 to all
> commands.
> I had set the variable
> export CC='xlc -q64'
> export CXX='xlC -q64'
> export F77='xlf -q64'
> export AR='ar -X64'
> export CFLAGS='-O3 -qstrict -qarch=pwr6 -qtune=pwr6'
> export CPP='xlc -q64 -E'
> export CXXCPP='xlC -q64 -E'
> export CXXFLAGS='-O3 -qstrict -qarch=pwr6 -qtune=pwr6'
> export FFLAGS='-O3 -qstrict -qarch=pwr6 -qtune=pwr6'
> export NM="nm -B -X64"
> export MPICXX="mpCC -q64"

I don't see LD, or LDFLAGS there, a quick look at your logs shows
failures for ld -r, hmm, we don't use LDFLAGS for reloadable objects,
you'd need to set LD="ld -b64" ...

> And in the log files I see that ar -X64 is used and xlc -q64, so I
> cannot see why it says 64 Bit ... are not allowed in 32-Bit addressing
> mode.

On AIX, when building 64bit, try setting OBJECT_MODE=64  and export the
env var, then nm, ar, ld etc will default to 64 bit mode.

Peter O'Gorman

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